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Posted: 02/20/2012 in Games, Internet, Joy, Katelyn, Spanish, Teaching, Writing

So I decided on joy as my abstract noun. According to Google, Joy is defined as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” My personal definition when asked to define the word myself without information from outside sources was “A feeling of being happy; comes from an event or activity that makes you feel good.” Synonyms of the word are amusement, delight, happiness.

Now that I have laid down a common definition from which this blog will derive it’s content, I can start to discuss with you what I consider to be some sources of joy for myself, and maybe you if you’re anything like me.

I would have to say my biggest source of joy, or my most frequent source anyways, would have to be my computer. Whether I am playing video games, watching Netflix or Hulu Plus, reading forums, surfing Youtube, or getting lost in Wikipedia or TV Tropes, the biggest chunk of joy out of my pie chart of joy comes from the computer and internet. Maybe you don’t consider joy to be just a feeling of happiness, and instead consider it to be a “great happiness”, as Google suggests; I however, don’t experience that often enough, nor do I want to write about happy sappy occurrences enough, to write about it every weekend. Instead, for the sake of this blog, I will be going with my own personally created definition, of a simple feeling of happiness.

Playing video games is what takes up the majority of my free time. My girlfriend Katelyn also gets joy from my gaming, as she enjoys watching me and my best friend beat the shit out of any game we pick up and play. I consider myself to be a pro gamer, as well as my best friend Gage. We aren’t “pro” in the professional sense, but “pro” in the sense that we can master almost any game in a very short amount of time, and be able to utterly destroy people who have been playing for months or more, when we have been playing a few days. There is a certain satisfaction to be had when you and a friend work together to dominate a 5v5 match of League of Legends, or competing against each other in a deathmatch in Assassin’s Creed, and basically the only competition for both of us is the other.

Getting lost in Wikipedia might sound strange to some of you, but I’m sure a lot of you types who enjoy learning and who enjoy gaining knowledge can relate to this. I often spend an hour or two just linking Wikipedia articles off of one another; I’ll start with one, and throughout reading it, I will click open many new pages on new tabs to learn about those links as well, because usually I won’t understand something without having some knowledge about something else first. This happens more often when looking up computer or technology information, or scientific mumbo jumbo, but it can also happen with historical articles. This might not come off as joyful to everyone, even those who do get lost on Wikipedia from time to time, but I love learning, and feel most at home in a learning environment such as a classroom, or a site like Wikipedia. This love of learning is also probably my biggest influence in deciding to become a teacher.

Teaching others is not something I had mentioned before, but I mention it now because it is true that teaching gives me a feeling of joy. I often just teach my classmates things that they don’t understand in a class period, and usually to a single student, or a small group of two or three. I have in the past done observations at Inter-Lakes High School however, and I taught my first lesson alone at the end of the observations. Being able to teach students about Spanish, a subject I love, gave me a great feeling of elation. It was like a small taste of what I want to get into after getting my degree at PSU.

The source of my greatest joy is my girlfriend, Katelyn. Always save the best for last, as the saying goes. Katelyn might aggravate or annoy me for a good chunk of time, but I enjoy bickering. However, Katelyn often does amazingly cute or nice or thoughtful things that prove to me how important I am to her. Those are the moments I feel the most joy. In those cases, joy is more than just the simple feeling of happiness I previously defined: it becomes a heightened happiness.


My Writing PTSD

Posted: 02/11/2012 in Writing

I don’t know if I can honestly say I have a post-traumatic stress disorder when it come to writing. Writing sort of comes naturally to me, and grammar and spelling flows out of me as easily as the English language. All my writing teachers in the past have been fond of me, and I’ve never had one that hated me or anything. The closest I had to a writing teacher that disliked me was one who jokingly made fun of the people he liked, because that was the kind of person he was. It doesn’t really count either because I always did the same thing to him, and he told me a few times straight to my face that I was the only one in his class who he thought was worth anything. I did have a writing teacher in seventh grade that I disliked, if that counts. But she still liked me. I did do an assignment in that class once that me and a partner (mostly me) worked very hard on, and we only ended up getting a C. If I ever had a traumatic experience in a writing project, that would be it. Getting a C on an assignment I worked really hard on. My writing teachers after her I think have never given me anything less than a B or B+. I definitely didn’t develop a stress disorder about writing from that C though.  My writing just improved from there on out, and now I’m a pro and knock out word count assignments like they’re nothing. It’s really not in my nature to have a stress disorder or anything like that, especially about something as easy as writing. I’m one of those people who kind of just let things go, and don’t worry about much at all. To me, everything will eventually come together and work out fine. If it doesn’t, then there probably wasn’t anything I or anyone could do to make it turn out any better. I know I just said that I can knock out word count assignments like they’re nothing, but this one is actually giving me trouble, because I have no post-traumatic stress disorder to discuss. I don’t currently have one, but this assignment, ironic as it would be, may end up giving me one. If this assignment gave me one, I suppose I would then go on to discuss how my English teacher from my freshman year in college gave it to me, by making me write a long blog post about a post-traumatic stress disorder about writing that I didn’t possess. My friends would laugh about it, and probably talk about how strange I was for even having a writing post-traumatic stress disorder, since it’s something neither I nor them have ever heard of before this class, or my mentioning it to them, respectively. I’m hoping that my English teacher will read this and find it a little humorous, and forgive me for not having a post-traumatic stress disorder about writing.

My First Blog Post

Posted: 02/02/2012 in Writing

So as the title suggests, this is my first blog post ever. I really don’t enjoy just writing like I’m talking to an audience, which is pretty much the exact purpose of a blog, so I don’t know exactly how to do it well I guess, but I’ll try. For me I much more enjoy creative writing, and making up dark stories. I grew up on Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul, all writers who write about weird stuff. Dean Koontz is a little more supernatural and out of the ordinary than Saul or Stephen King, but Saul and King both write much darker stuff that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Just to reinforce the fact that I really don’t know what I’m doing, I’m already at the point where I’m completely running out of things to say. I started writing a very short novel back in high school, during my senior year. My teacher, who was very bookish and intelligent, had us all keep a daily writing  journal, and as I said, I don’t like writing about myself, or mundane every day things, and so I used my daily writing  journal to create a continuous short story. I only got about four or five chapters into it before the class ended. She often didn’t give us time to write in it every day, although it was called a daily journal. When she did give us time to write in it, it was only for about 10 to 15 minutes. I originally had plans to enter the short novel (if it ever got finished and I liked it enough) into my school’s writer’s journal, Wheelbug. But I never got enough time in class to finish the thing, and just barely scratched the surface of what I wanted to get into. What I had so far was basically just the story of a female assassin in an undecided time period. I didn’t get much further than her going through a city and down underground into a hidden hideout-type place where she got her jobs from. Although the time period was undecided, I really like the idea of more classic assassins, who have to get up close and personal with their targets before taking them down with knives or daggers, or possibly even poisoning them, so I did know I wanted it to be in the past. At the time I was playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed II, so I guess that’s what inspired me to start a story about that. Most of the time my creative writing is inspired by my gaming. I’m a gamer at heart, and although I do like writing, I like playing video games too much, and would rather be doing that instead of writing. I have thought about being an author in the past though, along with being a Spanish Teacher. I feel like teaching and writing would be two good careers to go hand in hand, because of the characters you could pull out of students.