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Posted: 04/12/2012 in Games, Research

Can Videogames Make You Cry?

            The article tries to get a general idea about emotions in video games. It asks the question whether games can be more to people than just special effects. To get this information, the author ran a relatively small survey of 535 gamers, and asked them about emotions and video games. He found that most participants listed role-playing games as the most emotional by a large percentage, followed by first-person shooter. The author makes the connection that most gamers feel more emotions when interacting with computer-controlled characters, rather than other players. This is reinforced by that fact that there were 104 specific mentions of the Final Fantasy franchise, one of the most well-known role-playing games franchises in the history of gaming. The article also explains some different emotions that gamers feel when playing games.

This article is a credible source, as it is a very popular and reputable gaming magazine. The article was also well-written in my opinion. The author sounds very unbiased, even mentioning that his presupposed ideas about which video games were the most emotional were wrong. The argument is pretty convincing, making me realize that the only emotions from video games are not story or character-related. The only thing missing from the article seems to be a conclusion to bring together his main points. I definitely found this survey useful to my research, especially as a starting point. This article reinforced my idea that role-playing games are the most emotional for people.



Bowen, Hugh. “Can Videogames Make You Cry?” Editorial. Game Informer Bowen Research. Web. 09 Apr. 2012. <;.

  1. Maybe ty not to focus so much on Final fantasy branch off into other popular games and compare them. oliver

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