Life in a Day

Posted: 03/12/2012 in Joy

This week in English, we watched a movie called “Life in a Day”. Basically, the makers of the movie sent out hundreds of cameras to different people and places all over the world, and had them all videotape their lives on the same day. They ended up having footage from over 190 countries, and something like 4,500 or 45,000 hours of footage, I can’t remember what it said, but either way,  the result was a movie showing a whole bunch of different cultures and people and places, vastly different from one another.

I remember the first thing I noticed while watching it was that the majority of the footage chosen to be part of the movie, was footage of people who were happy, or at least content with or thankful for their lives. A lot of the movie at one point was a whole bunch of pregnant women excited for their babies, or women who had just given birth. When looking up the definition for the word “joy” on, one of the definitions actually gives childbirth as an example of a common source of joy for people. There were other people, however, who weren’t exactly joyful about their lives, but they were grateful to be alive and with the people they love. There was one father of a family of some crazy amount of kids, I think it was eight or nine, who lived in a graveyard shed in a barren countryside, who had no money, running water, electricity, or anything; nevertheless, he talked about how he was grateful to be with his children, alive.

There was one scene that really stuck out for me, and it was this one Indian man, living in Dubai. He said he had been living there for thirteen years. Throughout his explanation of his living situation, it was showing him doing all sorts of mundane jobs, like watering grass and plants, and fixing up things. As the camera panned out you could see there was a large hotel behind him, and he said that he worked as a gardener, and he loved his life. That stuck out to me because something people are always saying is that money doesn’t equal happiness or joy. That guy is proof of it. He reminded me of myself, because I’m one of those people who just kind of accepts what he has and is happy with it. I don’t need much to make my life meaningful to me or anything like that.

I kind of wish that I knew all the countries that were shown scene by scene, because there were some cool places that looked like they would make for great vacation trips to travel to. I also wish there was a number showing how many cameras were sent out, and how many people actually sent back in the footage, or how many ignored it. I don’t know if anyone would want to ignore a project like that, that basically connects the whole world together to show how much we have in common.


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