Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Posted: 03/05/2012 in Games, Internet, Joy, LoL

I am very happy with Riot Games this week. They just released their new champion to the League of Legends: Fiora, the Grand Duelist. Fiora is the first female AD (Attack Damage) carry in the game, and the first AD carry to be released for more than a year. I unlocked her as soon as she was available, and fell in love with the heavily French-accented fencer.

The first thing that made me excited for Fiora is the simple fact that she is an undefeated fencer. I’ve always wanted to fence but don’t have the money nor the time right now. Once I’m out of college I will probably try to find a fencing school, but for now, I’ll play as Fiora instead, which is cheaper and less time-consuming. In her lore, she comes from a long line of renowned duelists, and she strives to live up to her father’s name. She has never been defeated in a duel, and she is very egotistic because of that. Controversially, in a duel against another prominent duelist, her father was revealed to have slipped a mildly paralyzing poison into the wine of his opponent. This shamed her entire family, and other fencers refuse to acknowledge their worth as duelists anymore. Fiora hates her father for besmirching¬†her good name, and joined the League of Legends to bring back her own honor.

Now onto the fun part of a new champion: actually playing as her. Fiora has four skills and a passive skill, like every other champion: her passive gives health back when she auto attacks enemies; her Lunge allows her to lunge to an enemy’s position twice within four seconds; her Riposte parries the next attack made against her and deals damage back to the attacker; her Burst of Speed grants her heavily increased attack speed for a short time, along with movement speed; and her ultimate skill, Blade Waltz, attacks random champions five times in quick succession, dealing heavy damage per attack.

Playing Fiora feels like playing a very fast assassin-like character. She is a great duelist 1v1, as her name implies, but she has a tendency to die fast when team fights break out. I often found myself quickly being focused, and unable to cast my ultimate to try to save myself, even while spamming the button. One nice thing about her Burst of Speed ability is that it allows you to focus on augmenting other stats aside from attack speed, as she already has great attack speed. She is very dependent on Armor Penetration and Lifesteal, at least in my opinion. Lifesteal is a must, as it turns her ultimate from a deadly team attack, into an even deadlier “oh shit I’m dying” skill, as she can use it to become untargetable for the duration, and regain a massive amount of health from her Lifesteal.

Her Lunge makes it so that you can keep on an enemy easily, especially once you get Frozen Mallet or red buff to slow your enemies down with every attack. Her Riposte allows you to parry attacks and do damage back, which is great for one on one fights. Riposte is also your best friend when solo topping against a champion with ranged harass such as Gangplank’s Parrrley. Burst of Speed is also great as it allows you to win easily any small one on one or two on two skirmishes.

All in all, I am very happy with Riot Games’ new champion, who is quickly turning out to be one of my favorites to play.

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