My Writing PTSD

Posted: 02/11/2012 in Writing

I don’t know if I can honestly say I have a post-traumatic stress disorder when it come to writing. Writing sort of comes naturally to me, and grammar and spelling flows out of me as easily as the English language. All my writing teachers in the past have been fond of me, and I’ve never had one that hated me or anything. The closest I had to a writing teacher that disliked me was one who jokingly made fun of the people he liked, because that was the kind of person he was. It doesn’t really count either because I always did the same thing to him, and he told me a few times straight to my face that I was the only one in his class who he thought was worth anything. I did have a writing teacher in seventh grade that I disliked, if that counts. But she still liked me. I did do an assignment in that class once that me and a partner (mostly me) worked very hard on, and we only ended up getting a C. If I ever had a traumatic experience in a writing project, that would be it. Getting a C on an assignment I worked really hard on. My writing teachers after her I think have never given me anything less than a B or B+. I definitely didn’t develop a stress disorder about writing from that C though.  My writing just improved from there on out, and now I’m a pro and knock out word count assignments like they’re nothing. It’s really not in my nature to have a stress disorder or anything like that, especially about something as easy as writing. I’m one of those people who kind of just let things go, and don’t worry about much at all. To me, everything will eventually come together and work out fine. If it doesn’t, then there probably wasn’t anything I or anyone could do to make it turn out any better. I know I just said that I can knock out word count assignments like they’re nothing, but this one is actually giving me trouble, because I have no post-traumatic stress disorder to discuss. I don’t currently have one, but this assignment, ironic as it would be, may end up giving me one. If this assignment gave me one, I suppose I would then go on to discuss how my English teacher from my freshman year in college gave it to me, by making me write a long blog post about a post-traumatic stress disorder about writing that I didn’t possess. My friends would laugh about it, and probably talk about how strange I was for even having a writing post-traumatic stress disorder, since it’s something neither I nor them have ever heard of before this class, or my mentioning it to them, respectively. I’m hoping that my English teacher will read this and find it a little humorous, and forgive me for not having a post-traumatic stress disorder about writing.

  1. crapisay says:

    I have to say that I like your teacher. He doesn’t push back on challenges.

  2. Two things stick out to me here…

    1. One, huge paragraph. Just because this is “internet” writing doesn’t mean that you can ignore the rules of “good” writing (such as paragraphs). Paragraphs give your reader a break when reading and allows for time for the readers to process. This is what you need to do whether you’re writing on traditional paper or in an online capacity.

    2. You mention that no teacher has ever “given” you a grade lower than “X”. This really undersocres one of my major issues with the traditional grading scheme. Put the work in here (as you have been) and meet the requirements of the contract, and you’ll do fine.


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